TubeMaster^2 (squared) can be thought of 3 guitar pedals in one. You can achieve clean boost, overdrive, and distortion (rock and metal) using this one product. (**With an additional external mod, a 4th functionality can also be added).

We had professional musicians, as well as poor guitar players at heart while designing this product. It is the only "juice" pedal that you need in front of your amplifier !

This pedal sounds great with any guitar and any amplifier - guaranteed. We have tested it with single coils and humbuckers using cheap Squiers and Epiphones, as well as expensive USA Fenders and Gibsons. We put it through solid state amps that cost $15 to tube-amps that cost more than $2000. Plug into clean channel, or dirty channel, doesn't matter. We even hooked it directly to a 5.1 Home Theater System and Headphones - Try that big-name builders !

TubeMaster^2 sounds great no matter what !!

Here are some of the main features:

  • 100% Analog for the best audio quality
  • Footswitchable Two channels (WARM and HOT)
    • WARM channel switch is also the bypass switch
    • HOT channel can not be operated by itself , it is an additional gain to WARM channel
    • HOT channel has an independent volume control (upper level limited by WARM channel volume)
  • Extreme touch and volume-knob sensitivity
    • Just like a Tube Amp ! Great for your single channel solid state amp, or your expensive tube amp
    • Touch sensitivity adjustment using "SAT" knob on the front panel
  • 90 dB gain available !
    • Sounds great into any clean channel (It is brutal plugged into your amp's dirty channel !)
    • Can easily achieve many blues, rock, and metal tones
  • Buffered Bypass (with 3PDT switches)
    • Buffer does not affect the tone in bypass mode
    • Great for long cable runs, or for the beginning of pedal chains
  • Very low background noise and hiss (with guitar volume turned down)
    • Even with single-coils at the highest settings
    • No switch-pop and minimal handling noise
  • Unique channel indicators through the transparent gain knobs for each channel
    • HOT channel light stays on in bypass mode to show it is armed and ready
    • Please look above (and in gallery) to see how cool it looks on stage or in a dark studio !
  • Professional quality PCB made in USA
  • Highest quality components
    • All metal input and output 1/4" jacks (no plastic junk)
    • All metal potentiometer frames
    • Genuine 3PDT switches for both channels
    • Transparent 1510 style knobs with pointers (except HOT volume)
    • Foam pad under the unit for cushioning and to prevent sliding
  • All potentiometers, switches and jacks mounted directly to the external frame
    • No risk of breaking solder joints during handling !
    • Holes drilled for potentiometer tabs to eliminate internal rotation
    • Compare to big-name builders with volatile plastic potentiometers, on-board DC power and input/output jacks
  • Can handle 5 volts to 24 volts using external DC power jack
    • Internal 9V alkaline battery is included with the unit, gives plenty of headroom and volume
    • More headroom and more volume (not that you need any more) can be achieved at higher voltages
    • Output jack also serves as on/off switch
  • Built-in socket for main IC
    • Great for tinkerers that want to experiment with different ICs (not that you need it, we have selected the best one for you anyways)
    • Great for easy repairs due to accidental overvoltage
  • Handcrafted by Ph.D. in USA
  • 1 year limited warranty


This will be our offering into the "Attenuator" market. It is currently under development.


This will be our offering into the "Pedal Power Supply" market. It is currently under development.


This will be our offering into the "Octave Fuzz Box" market. It is currently under development.


This will be our offering into the "Compact Amplifier Head" market. It is currently under development.